Who Are We?

Helium Mining UK was founded by a pair of like minded individuals who shared a passion for the future of the Helium Network. They first stumbled across the project back in 2019. Very quickly, they soon learnt how valuable the Helium network could be to the future of the ever-evolving world we live in.

We joined “The Peoples Network” and started mining Helium ourselves. In the early days, there was very little knowledge shared about best practices. As a result, we very quickly became experts! Now, we’re expanding.

Being an HNT miner is expensive. Helium mining devices, extension cables, and high quality, long range antennas are all pricey pieces of kit. And that’s before professional installation.

We noticed that there was a tonne of people who wanted to get involved in Helium mining. But they didn’t have either the financial resources, the technical know-how, or patience to wait for the devices. This gave us an idea. Why don’t we create a synergistic relationship, provide HNT miners, free of charge and split the profits with people like you, our mining partners!

Our Mission

For the Helium project to thrive and become a success it requires a network of LongFi hotspots to be deployed which will create a web of wireless connection worldwide.

Our goal is to deploy as many hotspots as possible around the UK and be a part of the Helium networks success in forming the new global wireless network.

In order to do this we need you…Hosts. Hosts are a valuable part of this network as without the hosts, there will be no network. Of course the Helium team knew that people wouldn’t do this for nothing, so they launched a reward scheme to incentivise hosts. These rewards would be paid in HNT, Helium’s native cryptocurrency.

Helium Mining UK – The Digital Future

Our Future

We have a simple vision, to be the largest hosting service across the nation and for our network of hotspots to be a vital part of the UK’s Helium network.

Ready to become a host and start earning passive income?

We do all the hard work and pay you rewards in £ monthly.

Why become a host?

BECAUSE ITS FREE! Yes completely free, HMUK will cover the complete cost of the set up to rent a small bit of roof space, in turn we will pay you a minimum of 25% of the HNT Rewards monthly.

First things first, you will be earning a passive income!

The Helium Network provides an infrastructure for the Internet of Things with an idea to give everyone in the world internet for free!

So not only will you have a passive income you will be contributing to a future network.

But, we get it. That’s not what you came here for.

Hosting a Helium Miner generates cool, hard cash…or HNT, whichever you prefer. And, since getting one with us is free, you’ll be making profit straight away.

Free Set Up Free Set Up

Our hosting services is completely free of charge to setup

5 Minutes 5 Minutes

No more than 5 minutes to apply & become an approved helium host

Passive Income Passive Income

Uncapped rewards monthly - 25% Off Hotspots Rewards

Track Rewards Track Rewards

Access to your account to track your live rewards

High Quality High Quality

We only use top of the range hotspots and antennas for maximised rewards

Trusted Professionals Trusted Professionals

Professional Installations Guaranteed

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Helium Mining UK – The Digital Future

Digital Wealth Group LTD T/A Helium Mining UK
Registered in England & Wales at 160 City Road, Kemp House, London, EC1V 2NX
Company Registration Number: 13865825