What Do You Need To Qualify For A FREE HNT Miner?

Firstly, it’s not essential that you own your property. It helps, but it’s by no means a deal breaker; we have plenty of hotspot hosts in rented accommodation. However, it may be necessary to place your hotspot antenna outside. Therefore, you may need permission from your landlord to have an antenna outside. The advantage of this is that miners who have their antenna outside improve their earnings by an average of 400%.


Optimal placement is key to maximise the earnings of a HNT miner. Therefore, one element of your application that we’re going to be looking for is opportunities to gain elevation for an antenna.

For instance, ideal options would consist of apartment blocks with balcony access, multi-story houses, or plenty of loft space.

Be creative when examining your location and take plenty of pictures so that we can create a mental plan for device placement.

If it’s going to be difficult for you to gain elevation, it may not be an issue. Certainly apply anyway. Check your local competitors using the Helium Explorer. You’ll be able to identify how high and what strength antenna your competitors are using. This will be able to give you an indication of what your setup may need to look like.

Helium Hex Density

The Helium network rewards its miners based on how much value they add to the network. When you mine Helium, what you’re actually doing is providing a service on the helium network for the Internet of Things. The more valuable you are to the network, the more you’ll earn. So for instance, if you have a couple of neighbours nearby that all have HNT devices, you may have an issue. This is because as soon as HNT devices are too close, they aren’t providing enough value to the network and the rewards for both you and your neighbour will be halved.

Therefore, if your location is in the middle of a super dense Hex, this will most likely work against your application. Nonetheless, it is possible to outperform your local competitors. If there’s a chance to improve visibility and elevation from your location, we’ll know how to do it.

Helium Mining UK – The Digital Future

What Necessities Are There?

For the most part, we can’t say for sure whether or not certain criteria will qualify or disqualify you. However, there are a few things that are non-starters.

These are:

  • No WiFi connection
  • No household electricity

Ready to become a host and start earning passive income?

We do all the hard work and pay you rewards in £ monthly.

Why become a host?

BECAUSE ITS FREE! Yes completely free, HMUK will cover the complete cost of the set up to rent a small bit of roof space, in turn we will pay you a minimum of 25% of the HNT Rewards monthly.

First things first, you will be earning a passive income!

The Helium Network provides an infrastructure for the Internet of Things with an idea to give everyone in the world internet for free!

So not only will you have a passive income you will be contributing to a future network.

But, we get it. That’s not what you came here for.

Hosting a Helium Miner generates cool, hard cash…or HNT, whichever you prefer. And, since getting one with us is free, you’ll be making profit straight away.

Free Set Up Free Set Up

Our hosting services is completely free of charge to setup

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