Become a Partner – Join Our Partnership Programme & Earn Passive Income

At Helium Mining UK, we’re all about passive income. We love it. We also love giving people like you loads of opportunities to earn more. Now, not only do we offer our generous Hosting Partnership; we now also offer a Partnership Programme. Keep reading and find out more.

Essentially, our Partnership Programme allows people like you to become salespeople for us. Become a partner and dictate you own income.

How Does Our Partnership Programme Work?

First, find a great hotspot location through a friend or family member. Refer that person to us, and you’ll make 5% of their profits if they install a miner. Get paid in HNT tokens, cool hard cash, beans, cryptocurrency, whatever suits you.

If you’re not sure what a great location looks like. No worries. Get in touch, we’ll let you know what we’re looking for. Then, go hunting for us and get paid!

When you partner with us, you can be sure that we never compromise on quality. We only ever install HNT miners with high performance equipment and professional installation. That’s how we maximise the cost effectiveness of each helium miner that we install. So, feel safe knowing that when we make money, you make money.

Join Our Partnership Programme Today

Want passive income? We’ve got you. Get a stake in every helium hotspot that you refer and earn 5% from every hotspot.

Join today!

Helium Mining UK – The Digital Future

Ready to become a host and start earning passive income?

We do all the hard work and pay you rewards in £ monthly.

Why become a host?

BECAUSE ITS FREE! Yes completely free, HMUK will cover the complete cost of the set up to rent a small bit of roof space, in turn we will pay you a minimum of 25% of the HNT Rewards monthly.

First things first, you will be earning a passive income!

The Helium Network provides an infrastructure for the Internet of Things with an idea to give everyone in the world internet for free!

So not only will you have a passive income you will be contributing to a future network.

But, we get it. That’s not what you came here for.

Hosting a Helium Miner generates cool, hard cash…or HNT, whichever you prefer. And, since getting one with us is free, you’ll be making profit straight away.

Free Set Up Free Set Up

Our hosting services is completely free of charge to setup

5 Minutes 5 Minutes

No more than 5 minutes to apply & become an approved helium host

Passive Income Passive Income

Uncapped rewards monthly - 25% Off Hotspots Rewards

Track Rewards Track Rewards

Access to your account to track your live rewards

High Quality High Quality

We only use top of the range hotspots and antennas for maximised rewards

Trusted Professionals Trusted Professionals

Professional Installations Guaranteed

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Helium Mining UK – The Digital Future

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