There are over half a million Helium hotspots active in the world, so it’s hard to know which Helium miner is best. Also, Helium don’t manufacture any hotspot devices. So, specialist third party companies manufacturer them. This means that, despite all serving the exactly the same purpose, there are multiple different mining devices on offer.

There’s the original white Helium hotspot miner, but it’s no longer in production. Likewise, it’s no longer possible to DIY a Helium hotspot miner, although coudos if you possess the capability to do so. Now, it’s compulsory to buy a hotspot miner from an approved manufacturer per HIP 19.

So, how do your choose? How are you supposed to know which one to get? Have no fear, that’s where Helium Mining UK are here to help. We may not know much, but we know which Helium miner will suit you.

Here, Helium Mining UK are walking through each hotspot and summarizing each miner’s features.

Bobcat 300 Miner

Bobcat 300 Miner

Just under 50% of the hotspots on the Helium network are Bobcat miners. This popularity is evidence of their effectiveness.

The Bobcat miner 300 is the most popular miner for a reason. Plenty of hosts gain a healthy coverage using the standard 4dbi antenna that the Bobcat comes with. That being said, we do recommend upgrading the antenna to something more substantial.

Product Details

  • Comes with 4dbi antenna
  • 64GB data storage built-in
  • 0.12kwh energy usage
  • Compact easy storage


Sensecap M1

Sensecap M1

The Sensecap M1 is one of the latest HNT miners to enter the market. Released in August 2021, the Sensecap M1 is quickly becoming one of the most popular Helium hotspots. Currently, the Sensecap is out of stock and not expected to return until late April.

The Sensecap warrants it’s popularity with similar features to the Bobcat 300, yet at a glance, sometimes seems like it has the potential to earn more. However, there aren’t any facts and figures to back this up yet.

Product Details

  • Comes with 2.8dbi antenna (EU model)
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Built-in cooling system

Nebra Outdoor Miner

Nebra Outdoor Miner

It’s no secret that having a miner, or it’s antenna, outside increases your chance of rewards. For best results, hotspots need to have optimal placement with a high elevation gain and a clear line of sight. Often, we see that nothing provides this better than Nebra’s Outdoor Miner.

However, Nebra are far behind on fulfilling their orders. With no new orders since spring 2021, Nebra are still busy ramping up production to match the demand from the their first five batches.

Product Details

  • Outdoor range up to 10 miles
  • Comes with 3dbi glass-fibre antenna
  • Hard shell cover for exterior fittings
  • Open source design

Linxdot Miner

Linxdot Miner

The Linxdot miner is the only British manufactured HNT miner. Another new entrant, released in September 2021. The Linxdot miner is another that is taking the Helium community by storm.

It does possess less internal storage and use ever so slightly more power but it does contain a 1.5GHz Quad-core processer and has a lightning fast setup to make up for it. Therefore, expect high performance from this device.

Product Details

  • 32GB Internal storage
  • 1.5GHz quad-core processor
  • Comes with 3dbi antenna
  • 12w daily energy usage

Rak Miner V2

Rak V2 Miner
The Rak V2 is manufactured by Rakwireless. They’re the OG HNT miner, the first miner on the market. In fact, the Rak V2 was even sold by Helium in the early days of production.

A huge advantage of the Rak V2 is that it’s longevity on the market has led to multiple feedback loops from users. As a result, there’s been a tonne of updates and improvements to the Rak V2.

However, it’s popularity has declined since the introduction of more flashy miners.

Product Details

  • Reliable performance
  • Aluminium hard-shell
  • Compact for optimal storage

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