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Our hotspots do not connect to any devices on your home or business network other than the WiFi router. The devices that connect to our hotspot outside your home or business (pet collars, eScooters, tracking tiles, etc.) use encrypted secure data to send signals back to the their control centres. None of your information or any information about your network is transmitted during this process.

Additionally, for peace-of-mind, if your wireless router has a Guest WiFi feature, you can enable guest WiFi and allow our hotspot to connect via this guest WiFi network, rather than your main WiFi network. This would keep our hotspot separate from your other devices. This guest network simply allows access to the internet, and not your private local area network (LAN).

Simply put, much less than you'd expect. The average Helium miner consumes between 20-40GB of internet data a month. If you're partial to Netflix streaming and the odd cat video on YouTube, this won't really even register on your internet usage. Even households that are still watching Freeview TV and checking the weather by looking outside use an average of 210GB a month.

One of our partners will schedule a time with you for installation. They will meet you onsite at your property and work with you to find the ideal placement for the Miner. Once the Hotspot is properly installed, our partner will configure the device.

Installation typically takes about 20 minutes. The process is very similar to connecting any other device to your WiFi network, such as a computer or phone.

We send out monthly payments to our hosts via Cash, PayPal or direct bank transfer on the first Monday of every month. When completing the application form please specify which option you prefer.

Hosting a hotspot provides a valuable service for the Helium community. This service is rewarded with HNT tokens. We provide the hotspot, complete a fully optimized install, and convert the tokenized earnings to local currency. For hosting the Hotspot in your home, we share a percentage of the earnings with you! We see our partners, on average, earn £50-100 per month. However, results vary by location, altitude, installation, and how nicely you speak to your hotspot.

There is no catch! It's 100% free to become a host because teaming up with our partners is a totally synergistic partnership. We assume all of the financial risk and installation, and in exchange we take a share of the profits.

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